Desktop and web-based software, analysis tools

Automate processes, provide services to customers, reduce office time

Bespoke Software

Windows Programs (Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP.NET

Excel and Office Macros (Visual Basic for Applications)

Excel lookups, cross-referencing, charting, databases

AFD Postcode software integration

A lot of business admin is repetitive, which means wasted hours entering and processing data with a likelihood of entry errors. Bespoke tools such as desktop programs or spreadsheets can be programmed to automate these processes and reduce errors. Other software, such as Postcode lookups, can be integrated to improve your service to customers. Spreadsheets with cross-referencing can simplify accounts data, analyse client record databases and aid event planning, for example.

The same principles apply to technical analysis as well as admin tasks. The example shown is a stand-alone Windows program that calculates fixing specifications for roof tiles based on building dimensions and geographic location. The provisions of the British Standard BS5534 are built-in and two third-party programs (AFD Postcode Plus and BREVe3) are integrated. The program saves considerable time for the technical teams that use it, as well as providing a more detailed and appropriate specification.



ASP.NET and HTML5 coding

"code behind" programming
auto-archive of program results

e-mail notifications and acknowledgements

controlled user access



A smart web site that allows users to enter roof details and site location to produce bespoke specification clauses, priced estimates of quantities and tile fixing specifications.

WES2014 & WES2016 Conferences

Web site to provide information for technical conferences. Includes contact, registration and booking forms with auto-acknowledgement

Resident's Association

Site for the residents of a complex on the south coast. The site included pages of information, an archive of important documents and committee decisions. Controlled access for users with different levels for 'resident' and 'committee' access.

Web design & programs

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