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The Conference was organised on behalf of the UK Wind Engineering Society by Hembex Limited. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to receive more information.

Organiser: Paul Freathy



The next WES UK Conference will be held in 2016.

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Book your place and accommodation for WES 2014

Please use this page to register for the conference and reserve accommodation.  We have reserved a number of rooms within the University Conference Park. They are of a good standard, mostly single rooms but with a few twin rooms too. The conference will be on the same site as the accommodation so there is no walking between the two. Also, the conference dinner will be held a 5 minute walk-away. If you arrange your own accommodation please check that it is conveniently located.

There are discounts available to people who book their places early or are WES members. To qualify for the early booking price your booking must be made by June 30th and payment made by July 15th. There is also a discounted price for full-time students. We reserve the right to check if you are entitled to claim a discount so, if you are a student, please provide us with the name and contact details of your professor or supervisor.

When you receive your invoice it will have been generated within PayPal and this will allow you to pay using a credit card, by bank transfer or by cheque. Account details for transfers will be provided on the invoice. If using a bank transfer or cheque please ensure that the amount sent is in Pounds Sterling and that all fees are paid by the sender (ie you). When paying by credit card the amount remitted will be in Pounds Sterling and any currency conversion fees will appear on your credit card statement.

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. If that doesn’t answer your question then please contact the organisers.

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