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Organiser: Paul Freathy



The next WES UK Conference will be held in 2016.

Keep checking the UK Wind Engineering Society’s web site for more information:...

Extended abstracts for those papers that have been accepted by the Technical Committee are due by June 27th, 2014. They must be prepared in the required format to enable them to be bound together as a unified collection in the Proceedings. The Extended Abstract Template is in MS Word format and has been mailed to all authors. You can also download a copy by clicking the link above..

From the accepted papers a draft programme has been prepared.

Two types of presentation will be included in the conference:

FULL PAPER: A normal, full paper that can be presented in a 20-minute slot. This type of full paper is suited to a complete project or one where substantial conclusions can be drawn and presented to the delegates.

Accepted authors must prepare a 4-page extended abstract for publication in the conference proceedings that will be handed to delegates
at the conference. These must be prepared in a common format: Extended Abstract Template
The deadline for submitting extended abstracts is:    
27th June 2014

POSTER PAPER:  A paper that will be displayed as a poster on display boards for delegates to read during breaks. A brief (max 5 mins) will be permitted for presentation. This type of paper is typically suited to an ongoing piece of work that is not complete, or a small piece of work that is nevertheless of interest to wind engineers.

Accepted authors can have their 2-page abstract published in the conference proceedings that will be handed to delegates
at the conference. Details of the format requirements for posters will be published on this web site shortly.

An updated 4-page abstract may be provided by authors, if they wish. The deadline for submitting revised abstracts is:             
27th June 2014

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