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Bespoke Software

Automate processes for simple accounts, data analysis, databases, simple design tools


Windows Programs (Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP.NET)

Excel and Office Macros (Visual Basic for Applications)

Excel lookups, cross-referencing, charting, databases

AFD Postcode software integration

A lot of business admin is repetitive, which means wasted hours entering and processing data with a likelihood of entry errors. We have the expertise to programme bespoke routines either as stand-alone programs using standard Microsoft Windows tools such as Visual Basic 2010 or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). We can integrate solutions with Postcode Address lookup capabilities to enable you to service clients better. We are also very experienced at designing spreadsheets with cross-referencing between sheets for database, client record analysis, event planning, etc.

This expertise can be applied to admin tasks or to technical analysis - ask us for advice and we will gladly explore the possibilities with you.

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