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Are your finances not where you want them to be? Not sure why, or too busy to spend the time on “admin”?  Have us give your business a health check - we have many years of experience with growing and improving businesses.

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Strategy & Business Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve arrived?

Strategic Planning

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

There are many different ways to do strategic planning but most revolve around the idea of a MISSION and a VISION statement. These describe why your business exists and where it aims to get to. These deceptively simple concepts can be remarkably difficult to nail down and will take a lot of discussion. Having those discussions facilitated by an independent can speed the process up and make sure it truly reflects the collective view of the company team.

The image shows a “house model” of strategic planning. It is conceptually easy to understand and describes the holistic nature of the strategic plan - a vision, strategies for achieving it and action plans to make it happen, all underpinned by a foundation of supporting behaviours. This is a model that we like and have seen work.

see “A Dream with a Deadline” by Jacques Horovitz

You can certainly overdo strategic planning - some businesses seem to have a new strategy every year - but knowing what your business exists for and where it is going is important. However, a plan without follow up will only ever be a plan.

Good Information,  Well Presented A graphical “dashboard”) allows you to spot trends early and take action. Use it for operational information as well as finance data. Improving  Cash Flow Businesses fail through lack of cash, not profit. Speed up  the conversion of work into an invoice and then cash. Key Business Drivers Monitor the present (work in progress, costs), the immediate future (orders, costs) and the long term (prospects,  investment)? Finance for  Non-Finance People Train your team so they understand the effects of their actions and make better decisions. Related links:  Key Business Drivers Build on Strengths Communicate Better Non-Executive & Interim Management

Management Support

An experienced, independent eye that can see the wood for the trees

Research commissioned at the end of the last recession showed that private companies with a non-executive director on the Board were more likely to survive an economic downturn.

There are many reasons for an outsider to look at your business, whether as an advisor or NED. If well chosen the person has experience that is relevant to your situation - they have been where you now are. Expanding into international markets? They have dealt with international clients and opened international offices. Struggling with cash-flow? In a recession? They have been through it and successfully turned things around. Perhaps their most important strength is that they can take a rational look at the business without the emotions of somebody who lives and breathes it daily. A good adviser will challenge your thinking - constructively - and make it stronger.

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