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Every aspect of modern business is about communication and it sometimes seems that while we have more and more ways to communicate quickly, the art of communicating effectively has been lost.

Imagine having a bright idea that your boss rejects because they simply don’t get it. Or answering a customer complaint in a way that makes things worse. Or missing a big order because you couldn’t articulate what you have to offer.

This series of workshops is for anyone who has to speak to customers or suppliers, deal with colleagues, make presentations, write reports or take telephone calls. It will tackle different aspects of communication and show you how to be brief, to adjust your message according to the audience and, above all, to be effective. Avoiding the pitfalls means avoiding frustration and wasted time trying to undo the damage. Learning the tricks of better, clearer communication will boost your confidence, increase your success rate and free up time for other things.

These ½ day workshops can be taken as a series or individually.

"The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do."

- Thomas Jefferson