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People Development

People are the life-blood of the business

Build on strengths

We help you build your business around people’s strengths, which works so much better than fixating on weaknesses. Learn how to map out coordinated “SMART” goals and review them regularly. Reward progress and deal with problems.

We like the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment for mapping out the strengths of individuals and teams to see where there are overlaps and gaps. We can also apply our experience of working with Talent Management systems and simple annual review processes to enhance performance and provide direction. Knowing your team will help them work better together, inform recruitment decisions and underpin your succession strategy.

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Coaching & mentoring


People hearing you is not the same thing as them understanding you

Understanding Cultural Differences

We all have an ingrained set of cultural values and modes of working. They affect how we interact with team members, clients and suppliers in other parts of the world. Being aware of other people’s inherent culture is an essential skill to avoid misunderstandings and wasted opportunities.

There are many books on this topic. One, specific to the Middle East, is “Don’t they know it’s Friday” by Jeremy Williams. A broader picture is given by “Managing Across Cultures” by Charlene Solomon and Michael S Schell. We have experienced this in our own organisations - a 3-month training spell for somebody from the India office that just didn’t work, different concepts of time in certain countries, misunderstandings between UK and Canadian offices. We can advise or run training courses to heighten awareness of these issues. Being aware means you can plan ahead and react appropriately, greatly enhancing the chances of a successful deal or relationship.

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Informative, relevant, well-presented, entertaining

Hembex want to share their experience and help you make better business decisions. We work alone or through associates such as DRM Business Training & Consultancy to deliver informative, relevant and entertaining training. We will be happy to come to you or organise public courses (see panels below)

Practical Business Finance

Communicating Across Cultures

Effective business communication

Presentation Skills

Strategic Planning

Practical Business Finance Communicating Across Cultures Effective Business Communication